OWL Special Needs Learning Centre is not your typical educational school but a Centre where we focus on each individual child’s, special needs. We focus on achieving their milestones, sensory stimulation and we teach through play & learn activities.
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OWL Special Needs Recreation Centre strives to provide young adults with special needs - the best equipment and stimulation possible, specifically to their individual needs. We accommodate young adults from 18 years and older.
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OWL Caring for Children
Our Non-Profit Company spreads awareness and most importantly raise funds to help our community and parents with specialised equipment, education material and various other essentials to improve the lives of a special needs child.
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Welcome to OWL Hub

OWL Team

OWL HUB was born out of necessity in our greater community. We started OWL Learning Centre in July 2016 for Children with Special Needs ages 4 years to 16 years of age.

We soon realised the costs of having a special needs child are huge, and we felt we need to help where we can, not only our children at the Learning Centre but our greater community. OWL Caring For Children Non-Profit Company was registered in 2021.

We were in our Sixth year at OWL Learning Centre, and our children reached an age where they had to move to the next phase of their life, adulthood. “Where to now?”, was a  big question parents asked. So OWL Recreation Centre was registered and opened in 2023.